Who We Recommend

Chelsea Woolen, LMT

Chelsea has worked alongside Personal Trainers, Chiropractors, and Physical Therapists, where she has treated situations of acute trauma and chronic pain.

She has experience in Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, Prenatal and Sports massage, as well as Trigger Point Therapy.

​She loves learning new massage techniques, and keeps current on the latest research and trends in the industry. She strives to cultivate a relationship where working together can restore body balance.

In her free time Chelsea enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, and running. She has completed several half & full marathons since 2004, and finished her first Ultra Marathon in June 2018. She looks forward to continuing to challenge herself with more races in the future.


While being a personal trainer Joshua has worked with a variety of clients and athletes including high school basketball players, Lacrosse players, Skiers, Marathoners, U.S. Adventure racers and Minor League baseball players.

​Joshua is a Corrective Exercise Specialist focusing on increasing sports performance through various training methods. His skills are not limited to athletes, however, and believes everyone is an athlete in their own way.

When Joshua is not at the studio training clients he is hanging out with his family at the lake or playing in the backyard with his very active children. Joshua also tries to enjoy the occasional bike ride, with or without the kids in tow.

Aubree Wenning

I have an enormous passion for helping people reach fitness and health goals and developing habits of a healthy lifestyle.

I want to push you and motivate you to stay healthy and feel great about yourself! I use a combination of calisthenics, strength training and cardiovascular training as well as functional exercises to help your body move in the way it is supposed to and to reach it's potential.

In 2017 I became certified in Low Pressure Fitness, a hypopressive breathing and postural practice that decreases intra-abdominal pressure and yields fantastic results for your deepest core musculature.

Julie Berry

Originally from Mendoza, Argentina and with an extensive background and passion in health & wellness, Julieta Berry has been teaching fitness classes for over nine years. She obtained her yoga instructor certification at the esteemed Chopra Center for wellbeing in Carlsbad, California, placing additional focus in Meditation & Ayurveda. In 2011, she secured another certification in pre and post-natal care Iyengar style yoga. She can teach 5 Zumba fitness modalities and also earned a certification as a Les Mills BodyPump instructor, NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist and NASM Certified Personal Trainer. She has worked with individuals, as well as small/large groups, in all different dynamic environments ranging from studio classes, corporate environments and wellness retreats. In her free time, she enjoys time with her son and friends, skiing and social dancing. She’s also a member of a Bellydance performing team and active in the Latin dancing community.